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Our Mobile Home Park Records Are Simply Better

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Many websites claim to have a huge number of mobile home park records. However, in reality they’re simply displaying information from outdated sources or data wholesalers that have a hard time accurately identifying MH/RV parks.

The obvious problem with these approaches is if the source is wrong, so is the information they’re attempting to offer. Remember, “Garbage In; Garbage Out”! Instead, our MH/RV park records are housed within our own data center named Pax.

Human Verified Records

Each of our mobile home park and RV park records have been human verified and manually entered into our Pax (Park Analytics Exchange) data center. This not only ensures our records contain real operational MH/RV parks, but also maintains the data consistency that is required to display related information with accuracy.

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55,000 Raw MH/RV Park Records

Our team of 15 humans spent 9 months manually researching a raw list of 55,000 MH/RV park records. Outdated and duplicate records were quickly removed from our records.

29,908 Verified MH/RV Parks

Of our original raw list of 55,000 MH/RV park record, 54% were found to be truly operational MH/RV parks. The remaining 46% were excluded due to being outdated, duplicate, or purely junk records.

New MH/RV Park Requests

Whenever a member requests that we add a new MH/RV park to our system, our team takes the time to validate the MH/RV park information they provide. This ensures our records continue to remain accurate.

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Record Data Feeds

Traditional real estate sites rely solely on broad keyword searches of county property records which are distributed by data wholesalers. While this approach sounds reliable, it’s expensive and can still be misleading when it comes to MH/RV park records. This is why we developed Pax!

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

County property records are structured to accommodate the largest majority of traditional properties. Because MH/RV parks are a unique niche, they have a harder time fitting traditional data models.

Data Inconsistency

Contrary to popular belief, counties don’t all rely on the same database or structure to house their records. In fact, many assessors don’t even agree on the exact same methods to record their county’s property data.

Data Priorities

A county assessor's sole priority is to use their property records for determining, defending, and equalizing the taxation of each property within their county. If their data accomplishes this, then they’re happy.

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Poor Record Practices

In recent years the practice of website scraping (also known as “aggregating”) and skip tracing have been heavily relied on to create and distribute mobile home park records across the internet. These are simply poor practices that we refuse to utilize! Instead, we only rely on the information contained within Pax.

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Website Scraping

Website scraping essentially involves pragmatically “taking” another site’s MH/RV park information. This means your results will only be as reliable as the MH/RV park information the targeted website provides.

Skip Tracing Sites

Sites that offer real estate skip tracing services typically query county records based on your keywords. This can often result in spending valuable time verifying which properties are truly mobile home parks.

Purchased Lists

Typically priced on the number of records, mobile home park lists are generally created from either scraping, skip tracing, or old recycled lists. All which can be unreliable, and quickly become outdated.