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Hey There, I’m Pax!

Great to Meet You

I’m a mobile home park data center that has been trained to keep track of the physical details of each mobile home and RV park record in my system. My name is short for Park Analytics Exchange.

Each time you work with mobile home park details within our solutions, I learn a bit more. Don’t worry though, I’m not that nosy. I only track the physical details of mobile home and RV parks. This way I can always provide you with better mobile home park and RV park records than traditional websites.

Access with Park Sites

Park Sites is just one of our great solutions made for people in the mobile home park industry! Park Sites allows you to directly access each of my 30,000 mobile home and RV park records. Because of the way I’m built, Park Sites provides you better MH/RV park records than traditional methods.

Why Our Records Are Better

MH/RV Park Sites

Each of my 30,000 MH/RV park records have been verified to be real operating mobile home and RV parks by my team of human engineers. This means my MH/RV park locations have a 99.9% accuracy.

Downloading Data

My engineers don’t allow downloading any of my MH/RV park data, but they have promised that they’ll keep our pricing as low as possible. This way everyone can use all our solutions including Park Sites.

Pax Reports

As I learn more about MH/RV park details, I report all of the statistics within my Pax Reports. This way we can all learn new insights about the makeup of MH/RV parks, which hasn’t traditionally been possible.

Start for Free

Start by signing up, and we’ll provide you with a free forever Standard Plan which includes the basics. When you’re ready to upgrade to our Pro Plan, simply use your profile’s Billings & Plans tab.

Mobile Home Park Lots


Parks that contain only mobile home lots

Mobile Home Park and RV Park Lots


Parks that contain only RV lots

RV Park Lots


Parks that contain both MH/RV lots

Mobile Home Park Streets


Parks that contain paved streets

While Pax Learns

My engineers understand your private information is important to you. That’s why they’ve limited my automated learning to just the physical mobile home park and RV park details that you supply using three of our solutions.

Explore All Our Solutions

Park Sites Solution

No company can expect to get the details of every MH/RV park right 100% of the time! That’s why we allow our users to help teach Pax about specific MH/RV parks when they use the Edit Details option within Park Sites.

My Parks Solution

Park owners always know the most about the MH/RV parks they own! That’s why Pax learns when a MH/RV park owner chooses to use the Edit option after they’ve claimed each of their MH/RV parks in My Parks.

Advertise Solution

Park brokers always know the physical details about each MH/RV park they sell! That’s why when you publish a Park for Sale Ad, Pax learns from the MH/RV park details you provide in our Advertise solutions.

Access Mobile Home Park Parcel Data