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Get Off-Market Offers Flowing With My Parks

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Get off-market offers flowing when you use our My Parks solution to claim the mobile home parks and RV parks that you own!

Once you’ve claimed your MH/RV parks, we’ll brand them with your information within our integrated Park Sites solution. This way mobile home park investors using Park Sites know exactly how to connect with you.

MH/RV Parks You Own

Claiming each of the MH/RV parks you own is a breeze! Simply sign up, and we’ll provide you with a free forever Standard Plan. After that, simply use My Parks to claim each MH/RV park you own! Be sure to update your mobile home or RV park’s details to help ensure you receive the top offers.

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When you claim your MH/RV park, we’ll hide the Edit Details option from other users within our Parks Sites Solution.


Get the best offers flowing by ensuring your MH/RV park’s information is updated after you’ve claimed it.


Once you’ve claimed the MH/RV parks that you own, we’ll automatically brand each of your parks within our Park Sites solution.

Start for Free

Start by signing up, and we’ll provide you with a free forever Standard Plan which includes the basics. When you’re ready to upgrade to our Pro Plan, simply use your profile’s Billings & Plans tab.

Mobile Home Park Wizards


Our built-in wizard makes it a breeze

Lock Your Mobile Home Park Record


Your park’s record becomes locked

Brand Your Mobile Home Park


Your park’s record becomes branded

Off Market Mobile Home Park Offers


Start receiving off-market offers

Integrated Solutions

Explore these related solutions that have been seamlessly integrated with My Parks! Our integrations turn each solution into a powerful suite that helps you accomplish your goals in the mobile home park industry.

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Mobile Home Park Sites Solution

Park Sites

Access parcel owners and more with the tools we’ve built to target and track 30,000 verified mobile home parks across 49 states

Mobile Home Park Advertise Solution


Sell directly to an audience that works in the mobile home park industry when you publish an ad using our Advertise solution

Target Mobile Home Parks With Precision