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Access 30,000 MH/RV Parks with Park Sites

Powered by Pax

Harness the power of Park Sites while accessing each of the mobile home park records that are housed within our Pax (Park Analytics Exchange) data center!

Park Sites shouldn’t be confused with a traditional mobile home park or RV park list. As a 3-dimensional research tool, it's far more powerful and accurate!

Park Sites Provides

Use the tools within Park Sites to target and research the exact mobile home parks and RV parks you’re looking for. When it comes to mobile home park records, we don't take shortcuts! Each of our 30,000 mobile home park sites have been verified to be real operational mobile home and RV parks.

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Park Details

View or edit the physical attributes of each MH/RV park! Leveraging our unique design, the physical attributes displayed within Park Details are able to remain accurate over time unlike traditional sites or lists.

Parcel Data

Access each MH/RV park’s Parcel Data with a simple click! Using the built-in Parcel Data button enables you to view over 50 assessor recorded attributes such as the Parcel ID, Owner, and Owner Address.

Advanced Filter

Target your hunt for MH/RV parks with precision! Our Filter button allows you to filter our MH/RV park records using over 47 data points combined with an unlimited number of AND/OR conditions.

Customized Favorites List

Easily track MH/RV parks the way that works best for you! Customize your Favorites Types to quickly identify and work with specific mobile home and RV park records using your Favorites List.

Pax Reports

Gain statistical knowledge about mobile home parks and RV parks that you’ve targeted! Simply apply your filter options to the map and click the Pax Reports button to open the available reports.

Websites Option

Save wasted time Googling a MH/RV park’s state or county website by using our Websites button. This allows you to quickly deep dive into a MH/RV park’s deed or zoning information directly at the source.

Park History

View our system’s history for each MH/RV park record with a simple click of a button! This allows you to gain insight about when a MH/RV park was edited, advertised, sold, or even claimed in our system.

Contacts CRM Integrated

Use the Contacts CRM button within Park Sites to manage your private contacts that are specific to each MH/RV park. Our unique integration ensures your private contacts and leads remain private to you.

My Parks Integrated

Bring off-market offers without having to advertise! Simply claim each MH/RV park you own by using our My Parks solution. After that we’ll add your branding to the park’s details page within Park Sites.

Start for Free

Start by signing up, and we’ll provide you with a free forever Standard Plan which includes the basics. When you’re ready to upgrade to our Pro Plan, simply use your profile’s Billings & Plans tab.

Verified Mobile Home Park Records


Human Verified MH/RV park records

Mobile Home Park City Demographics


Demographics for each MH/RV park

Mobile Home Park Parcel Data


View Parcel Data for each MH/RV park

Mobile Home Park Integration


Integrated with our Contacts CRM

Integrated Solutions

Explore these related solutions that have been seamlessly integrated with Park Sites! Our integrations turn each solution into a powerful suite that helps you accomplish your goals in the mobile home park industry.

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Mobile Home Park Contacts CRM Solution

Contacts CRM

Manage your private mobile home park leads and contacts using the only CRM designed specifically for the industry

Mobile Home Park Advertise Solution


Sell directly to an audience that works in the mobile home park industry when you publish an ad using our Advertise solution

Mobile Home Park My Parks Solution

My Parks

Attract off-market offers from other members by claiming each mobile home park or RV park you own in our system

Access Mobile Home Park Parcel Data