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Manage Your Prospects with Contacts CRM

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Manage your mobile home park leads and contacts all in one place while funneling them to your favorite email marketing platform.

Our Contacts CRM solution is the only CRM system specifically designed to bridge the gap between MH/RV parks and MH/RV contacts.

Contacts CRM Provides

Our Contacts CRM solution is the only CRM system on the market designed to specifically meet the demands of people in the mobile home park and RV park industry. This means using our solution you quickly see the benefits without having to spend endless hours trying to customize it.

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Gain New Leads

Gain new leads from our MH/RV park audience! When you leverage our Advertise and Professionals solutions, we’ll transform your visitor’s clicks into leads while you sleep.


We know you’ve worked hard to build your list of MH/RV park contacts over the years. That’s why every aspect of your leads and contacts stored within Contacts CRM remains completely private to only you.

Zapier Integration

Set up a free Zapier.com account and watch your leads fly into your favorite email marketing platform. Adding an optional Source ID to your system empowers you to send just the right email on first contact.

Linked MH/RV Parks

Use the Linked Park Sites tab to quickly connect a lead or contact to a specific mobile home or RV park that’s within our Park Sites solution. This way you don’t have to jump between solutions.

Linked Ads

Track which leads and contacts accessed each of your advertisements by viewing the Linked Ads tab. Did a contact call and mention they saw your ad? Link them manually to start the emails flowing!

Park Sites Integration

With our Park Sites integration, you can quickly manage all of your MH/RV park related contacts while you’re using either our Park Sites solution or Contacts CRM solution.


Quickly migrate all of your leads and contacts to Contacts CRM using our import wizard! When you’re ready to back up your leads and contacts for safekeeping, just use the export option.

Lead Source Funneling

By adding an optional Source ID field value to each new lead that enters Contacts CRM, you’re able to provide your email campaign platform with the right information. This way it triggers the perfectly worded email.

Work within Park Sites

We’ve added a Contacts CRM button to each MH/RV park within Park Sites. With just a simple click, you can manage all of your private contacts for a specific MH/RV park without ever leaving Park Sites.

Start for Free

Start by signing up, and we’ll provide you with a free forever Standard Plan which includes the basics. When you’re ready to upgrade to our Pro Plan, simply use your profile’s Billings & Plans tab.

Mobile Home Park Leads


Gain new leads while you advertise

Mobile Home Park Zapier Integration


Connect your favorite email marketing app

Link Mobile Home Park Contacts


Link contacts and leads to MH/RV parks

Mobile Home Park Integration


Seamlessly integrated to our other solutions

Integrated Solutions

Explore these related solutions that have been seamlessly integrated with Contacts CRM! Our integrations turn each solution into a powerful suite that helps you accomplish your goals in the mobile home park industry.

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Mobile Home Park Sites Solution

Park Sites

Access parcel owners and more with the tools we’ve built to target and track 30,000 verified mobile home parks across 49 states

Mobile Home Park Advertise Solution


Sell directly to an audience that works in the mobile home park industry when you publish an ad using our Advertise solution

Mobile Home Park Professionals Solution


Promote your personal brand within the mobile home park industry by creating your very own space on our site.

Manage Mobile Home Park Contacts